Boundless Button  

A free-to-play, relaxing, and easy-to-consume 1-button game involving teleportation.

How to play:

1. Press the 'Spacebar' 

2. Hold the 'Spacebar'


This   < 3  minute game has the possibility of  containing:

  • A fully functional button
  • Amateur music and pixel art
  • 1 jump scare(s)
  • Simulated Rave Concert
  • A rubber ducky
  • High Intensity Boss Fight
  • and a surprising meta plot twist.     *

* entire playthrough  experience may be less surprising  and/or entertaining than advertised)

If you are experiencing audio clicking/clipping issues playing in your browser, feel free to download the Desktop build instead. This should fix any issues. 

** Mobile support  is currently experiencing issues.  


The entirety of this game was created by   SneepyPixels   during the duration of the    Boundless Game Jam    hosted by   Reece Geofroy.   With the theme of "ONE BUTTON"  and approximately a week  of  fiddling around,  Boundless Button was created.  Inspiration drawn from the desire to travel the world without  leaving  the comfort of home. 


Additional developer comments:

This submission forced me to quickly create functional GSCRIPT code as well as familiarize myself with using program Asesprite. Although I was planning to create a large number  of locations with an RNG factor to enable different playthroughs, I quickly realized I had underestimated the time constraint and my own tendency to focus on other assets (such as the music and code testing).   

TL;DR I'm new at this.

Targeted skills: 

  • Node Signaling basics
  • RNG basic techniques with scene switching
  • Aseprite basics
  • Collision area/Audio triggers basics
  • Dialogue  trigger basics


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Boundless Button (Desktop).zip 109 MB


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