After decades of conflict
between humans and sentient technology, 
a single ship was built with the power
to undo Earth's mistakes.
It was called...



Play with headphones/earbuds
for intended audio experience.


How to Move

How to fire

Time Talon - Fire

How to Time Drift

Time Talon - Time Drifting

Note: Please remember time drift responsibly and within a timely manner after death

(Approximately a 1 second window)


Known/Discovered bugs:

If you find yourself suddenly invincible after attempting to time drift in death this will cause you to be registered "dead" by the game despite being able to continue to beat the  level in this state.  Sadly, you will be a time ghost who cannot proceed to level 2 until you restart.

If you are using Firefox, this version may not load in browser. Please try downloading a Desktop build or attempt playing this export instead:  


The entirety of this game (all visuals, music, sfx, code, etc. * ) was created by SneepyPixels during the duration of the "a jam about time."  (2021) hosted by  Lone Rabbit. This entry fully embraces the  optional jam theme of "escaping fate" and utilizes the properties of time reversal/slowing.       ( *  excluding fonts)

This game is a prototype  and therefore only contains roughly 7 minutes of gameplay  in a near perfect run (Two stages) . Maybe up to 30 minutes if you are achievement hunting. Possible add-ons post-jam (depending on interest) may or may not include:

  • Additional levels  with greater enemy diversity
  • Additional weapons or ship power-ups (drift time, weapon dmg, etc.)
  • Better background art
  • Boss Run Mode
  • Stat Tracking
  • More challenges/achievements
  • Narrative development


Additional developer comments:

Hello! This is my second "game" so I hope everyone enjoys this short prototype as I had as much fun making it as I did learning how to make it. I had originally spent the first week thinking about and planning a game about manipulating the stock market with time and... went in a completely  different direction for the last 7 days; RIP Time Stockers.  I would love to see a comment if you recognize what game I'm giving a slight homage to with this jam entry or any feedback. Thanks

Targeted skills:

  • More cohesive art design/theme
  • Audio Bus  basics
  • Menu functionality basics
  • Node grouping + signaling
  • RNG scene instancing and timer modification
  • Responsiveness of game state with user input
  • Animation Player basics

A Full playthrough:

Stage 1 : Both blue Challenges completed at the same time to show it's possible :)

Install instructions

Download and run the executable to play offline.


Time Talon (WIN).exe 128 MB
Time Talon (MAC).zip 107 MB

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